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An interactive learning environment

Professor training student using cisco webex

Flexible learning

Train up to 1000 learners per session and record your webinars for playback later. Students can attend training sessions virtually in real-time or watch content on-demand.

  • Train up to 1,000 users per session
  • Multimedia and application sharing
  • Deliver your training in high-definition video
  • Share training content on a interactive whiteboard
  • Record your webinars and play back on-demand
  • Keep training interactive with Q&A, chat, polling and quizzes
  • Record your training sessions and build a library of content
  • Allow users to attend training sessions virtually in real-time or
    watch on-demand training sessions when they are available.

Interact with your learners

Deliver you training in high-definition video , share content on an interactive whiteboard and engage your audience with Q&A, chat, polling and quizzes.

Measure, evaluate and improve

Evaluate training effectiveness with testing, polling, attendance reports and attention-mornitoring features.

Webex Training

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