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Cisco Webex Board has the tools you need for team collaboration in physical meeting rooms, in one extremely easy to use touch screen room device

How Cisco webex Board Work Can Work For You



Wirelessly present
Video or audio conference
Cisco webex Board


Available in two sizes, Webex Board is a large touch screen room device, requiring minimal cabling. You can use it to wirelessly present, run video conferences and interactively whiteboard with colleagues and customers in remote locations.

Its built-in microphones automatically detect if someone is speaking, amplifying and modulating voices so that everyone sounds crystal clear.

The powerful high quality 4K camera captures the entire room and makes you feel people are in the room with you.

The security of the Cisco Spark cloud

Everything you create can be stored in the secure Cisco Webex Cloud and associated with a virtual space. 

Team members can use the Webex Teams app to pick up where they left off in the physical room and continue working anywhere.

Use the Webex Teams app to connect to your virtual teams outside the physical room before, during and after the meeting, via any device.

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